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The lovely people at Maptia (I posted about them awhile back here) invited me to participate in a new segment on their blog called Places are like People, and here’s my first guest post there:

These pix aren’t mine, but they definitely represent what my Seoul is to me! Check out these and more on Flickr

Check out the original article at Maptia

It was pretty fun recapping my first solo trip to Seoul – I tend to do more informational blogposts about places I’ve been to, though I try to exercise the creative writing muscles from time to time. Seoul will always be a little bit special, because of my friend T who I made there (Hello T! *waves*)

We met during the English tour of the Changdeokgung Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Somehow we got to talking while wandering around the garden and we ended up deciding to hang out and grab some lunch after the tour. We found ourselves walking down to nearby Insadong and ended up at this random restaurant:

Not a very good shot of T, sorry about that!

After that we decided to do a little shopping around Ssamziegil and even wandered down to the Cheongyecheon where we soaked our tired feet in cool water and watched them film a commercial on the opposite bank.

In the middle of the Cheongyecheon

Random commercial shoot that we sat down to watch like all the rubberneckers

We took a touristy shot at the head of the Cheongyecheon (and paid money for it! ack!)

T and me pretending to be old time Koreans

Then headed to Gwanghwamun Square to check it out

The nice thing about having a friend is being able to take nice pix for yourself

Before we parted ways – me to wander around some more (I ended up heading to Dongdaemun later that night) and T went off to reunite with her husband. While we didn’t manage to meet up again later in the trip, I’m glad we still keep in touch today! =)

What kind of friends have you made overseas? Do you still keep in touch today?


  1. I too made a wonderful friend in Seoul. But I took better photos of her (I think J is better at having her pic taken.)

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