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And here’s the last round up of TOT for 2011, where I look back at some of my favourite posts for each month in 2011!

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Jan 2011

A Permanent Reminder to Travel Less Occasionally

This is one of the more popular posts and still one of the most inspirational pictures I’ve seen. Will I ever get this tattoo though? I’m pretty fickle when it comes to this sorta thing, but I definitely won’t mind it as a temporary one =)


Feb 2011

A Sweet Way to Turn One

Laura’s pretty birthday decor for her one year old son proved so popular that she went on to set up Little Frills Paper + Goods, so you can get all those pretty things without sweating the DIY!


Mar 2011

A Parisian Memory: Berthillon

I’m kinda fond of this anecdote as it’s a reminder of my earlier travels, where me and R ran around the Notre Dame area trying to find this yummy dessert.


Apr 2011


The Medium is the Message

This was the first of my craft classes in 2011, where I learnt bookmaking from the lovely Notabilia! It was through this bookmaking class that I would get one of my first press moments in the paper later in the year. In this picture, you’re looking at the accordian fold book, a simple fold and glue book we made in the first lesson.


May 2011


In Memoriam

May was a tough month with my dad passing on, so not too many posts in the blog, but recounting some of the trips I took with him, namely Dubai and Seoul-Vancouver was a nice way to remember him.  I still have a Moscow post I need to get done…


Jun 2011

Floating Away

This lovely picture of a balloon bench would be something I would LOVE to get in my own future house and never fails to inspire me.


Jul 2011

Anywhere Travel Guiding – Six

I went to Seoul on my first solo trip, so lots of post-Seoul recollections here. It was my first Anywhere Travel Guiding 2011 overseas, but of all the posts, the Seoul Tower Ville review proved quite popular and I got a number of questions on staying there.


Aug 2011

Eat. Learn. Move.

The Occasional Traveller had its first guest post by Anch but my favourite post would have to be the Eat Learn Move videos commissioned by STA Australia. The Move video never fails to inspire me.


Sep 2011

 TOTshop Updates: A Parisian Special and Restocks

This was fun because it’s the first time that the Crumpled City Maps were documented in use! My sister’s comments were that while useful and light, it was hard to read them in a high wind situation! This was also the debut of the Hello Kitty Parisienne stuff.


Oct 2011

Buildings of the Plastique* Paris Skyline Necklace

This was fun trying to identify all the buildings in the Plastique* necklace, and it reminds me that I need to work on the other 3 cities, stat!


Nov 2011

Vietnam Sights – Halong Bay (and a Little Anywhere Travel Guiding)

Not so many posts as I was busy travelling in Vietnam! I’m still working on those posts now, but my favourite one so far is the Halong Bay one, and this particular shot of sunset in Halong Bay.


Dec 2011

How to Survive the Roads of Hanoi [Go! Girls Guide Article]

My first articles from the Go! Girls Guides make their debut! The articles go out on the Go! Girls site first before I crosspost them here a few days later, with a little bit of extra background into my thoughts and experiences from that article as extra treats for my readers. The Hanoi traffic one was my ‘pitch article’ but one I thought would be really helpful to others headed there.


And that’s it! Now it’s time to look forward to a brand new year ahead and more blogging on The Occasional Traveller!


  1. wow jac, what an amazing list 🙂 I look forward to 2012’s list of look-backs to see what else you can achieve! gonna try reading your Korea posts and visit Korea sometime very soon!!

    1. Author

      thanks meds! i definitely want to work on more writing this year =) i do hope to head back to Korea someday, and hope my posts are helpful… have a good trip!

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