A Spanish Memory – Dali in Figueres

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You know how some times when you see something, it just keeps popping up everywhere, even though its something that you haven’t seen or thought of for the longest time? I had a writing test a little while back where I had to write about the arts in Singapore, and after staring at the question for a good minute, I suddenly recalled seeing the ads on the Salvador Dali exhibition in Singapore, which brought to mind my visit to Figueres, way back in 2007, visiting Rach in Montpellier (also where we encountered Berthillon) and our little day trip out to the Dali Theatre-Museum.

Then I came across Wandie’s blog and her post about her Figueres visit, which prompted me to dig out my old photos and reminisce a little about the most unusual museum I’ve ever visited. I’ll probably need to do a proper post with all my pix in future!


Figueres, Spain | 2007

We took a train from Montpellier and crossed the Spanish border to Figueres, hometown of one Salvador Dali, known for his crazy mustache, that melting clock image and his surrealistic bizarre artwork. I didn’t really know what to expect… Rach was the one who wanted to come out here, I was just tagging along, enthusiastic tourist that I was. I like museums anyway, so it wasn’t a particular hardship for me.

The first sight you get of the Dali Theatre-Museum surely sets the scene for what to expect inside – it’s nothing like any other museum.

Incidentally, the DTM is also the world’s largest surrealistic object. One thing you learn about Dali is that he doesn’t just paint. Sculptures, architecture, mixed media and even jewelery – everything was a form of art to him. And they weren’t completely abstract or random, there was meaning to his artwork, even if expressed in a super surrealistic form.

What you see here are merely visual memories of the museum. One actually has to walk through the place and immerse oneself  in it for the true Dali experience. I do it an injustice by merely mentioning what the highlights are! This is a place I would gladly visit again in the future.


The Dali: Mind of a Genius exhibition is ongoing at the Marina Bay Sands new art-science museum till end October, and I did think of going to catch it with Rach to relive the memories, but really, what could compare to actually being in the house that Dali built himself? But if you have never encountered Dali, go catch it before it’s done!

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