William Wallet


Frustrated with bulging pockets and overflowing purses? The William Wallet is the perfect way for you to practice a minimalist lifestyle and streamline your life. It’s a great travel companion that lets you keep your essentials close at hand discreetly, leaving you hands-free to enjoy your travels.

Both stylish and practical, it’s a much more fashionable alternative to money clips. We guarantee the boys (and the girls too) will love it! These wallets have proven so popular that they’re back now in more colours then before!

Find out more about the William Wallet from my post or from here.

Currently the William Wallet is available in:

  • 11/008A – Black Moon (Textured): This wallet has an unusual texture unlike its predecessors – i would describe it as silver with black pockmarks, very classy!
  • 11/008B – Hunter Green (Gloss): Glossy surface is a little reflective, Green appears a little lighter in real life than in picture
  • 11/008C – Orange (Gloss): Glossy surface is a little reflective, design only comes with white elastic band
  • 11/008D – Industrial Scratch/Silver w Navy Blue Band: It has a smooth surface and each individual piece has its own unique texture *POPULAR*
  • 11/008E – Industrial Scratch/Silver w White Band: It has a smooth surface and each individual piece has its own unique texture *POPULAR*
  • 11/008H – Hybrid Silver/Yellow(Gloss): For those who can’t decide whether they like the silver or pop colour version better, this gives you the best of both worlds! *SELLING FAST*

* Sold out on Wintercheck Factory website! Only available in TOTshop now!

.: 10cmW x 7cmH
.: 2 powdered Aluminum Plates bound by a 1/8″ rubber cord with a notch on both sides for easy access to center
.: Subtle WC.FACT. stamped into bottom left corner on metal plates
.: Self compressing design makes it easy to slide into fitting pockets while rubber cord is tight and holds your items snugly
.: LIMITED EDITION manufactured in the USA – Each wallet comes in an individual cloth bag and is numbered accordingly
Shipping Rates* SG (registered) – S$3.20 | Overseas (registered) – S$5

Stow your cards or cash securely in this handy wallet, which remains oh so slim to keep your pockets from bulging!
11/008A - Black Moon
11/008B - Hunter Green
11/008C - Orange
11/008D - Industrial Scratch/Silver with Navy Blue Band
11/008E - Industrial Scratch/Silver with white band
11/008F - Hybrid Silver/Red Gloss (SOLD OUT) ... 11/008G - Hybrid Silver/Blue Gloss (SOLD OUT) ... 11/008H - Hybrid Silver/Yellow Gloss