Where I Have Been

Need some inspiration to start travelling?

Here's a list of my recent travels that you can find on the blog, grouped by country.

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My home country is tiny compared to many other places I've travelled to, but I still manage to find something new when I wander these familiar streets. Sometimes I feel like a tourist here and wish I knew it better.


Right next to Singapore and connected by a bridge, Malaysia is the easiest option for a quick weekend getaway. The strong SGD to Malaysia Ringgit exchange doesn't hurt either.


With over 8,000 islands in this archipelago and the closest ones just a short ferry ride away, don't just stick to Bali - you could visit a new island every day for years and not be done for awhile!


Capital city Bangkok in a Singaporean favourite with its abundant cheap shopping and great food, but venture beyond to discover its rich history, culture and nature.


This landlocked country surprised me - I didn't quite know what to expect from it but I like how much quieter and less touristy it is compared to its neighbours. Go there quickly before it gets crowded!


One of my first solo travel destinations, I have fond memories of my first 16-hour train ride ever. There's a bit of something for everyone with the distinctive cultures in each region. Also, cheap fresh beer everywhere!


I've mostly seen The Philippines underwater while scuba diving, or at a standstill stuck in Manila's traffic, but it's another archipelago with so many islands just waiting to be explored.


Considering I'm ethnically Chinese, you would think I'd have seen more of mainland China, but alas I've only been to Shanghai. I did love exploring the non-city bits of Hong Kong and Macau though!


One of my favourite countries in the world, Taiwan has great cheap food, lovely people, amazing nature and so much to offer outside of Taipei. Venture east and head out to the outlying islands - I have so much to write about Taiwan, yet so much more to see!


Japan Hour has always been a large inspiration for my wanting to visit the non-major cities in Japan - the food is always of excellent quality, the attention to detail is exquisite and the people so, so courteous everywhere you go.


Seoul was the first place I went solo, and despite the language barrier, is easy to get around, interesting and of course has great Korean food. Definitely go if you love Korean culture!


You'll find Singaporeans mostly headed to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, but remember that Australia is a huge country - you can find plenty just a relatively short drive away from these major cities.


There's more than just sand in the UAE - don't be surprised to find mangroves and greenery amidst the desert dunes and modern city skyscrapers!


Portugal is another favourite destination of mine that I want to explore more of. Cheaper than Spain, amazing street art and really colourful culture that I can't get enough of.


London is a place where there's always something to do, but venture beyond this busy city to find some peace and quiet.


Taking more time off from work for that one special trip every year. I enjoy spending more time immersing in a country's culture and the travel way of life. The longest stretch I've been overseas though is a little over two weeks!


I try to scuba dive at least once every year and prefer the warm currents of Asian waters. I dream of checking out Iceland's Silfra one day though!