Under Construction

Hey y’all, it’s Jac from The Occasional Traveller!

Thanks for dropping by, just so you know this will be the new site for The Occasional Traveller,

but it’s under construction now so things are pretty messy (moreso than usual) right now!


Head on over to the wordpress site which is the current home of all things The Occasional Traveller:


Or over to the shop pages if you wanna buy stuff:

http://theoccasionaltraveller.bigcartel.com (for paypal/credit/debit card payment)

http://theoccasionaltraveller.wordpress.com/shop (for more pix in general and ibanking/cash payment)


If you’re just looking to drop me a note, you can also find me in these places:

facebook: http://facebook.com/theoccasionaltraveller

twitter: @jac_theocctrav http://twitter.com/jac_theocctrav

email: [email protected]