Travel Blogging Resources

For those who are curious about what goes into my travel blogging, here’s how I build and run The Occasional Traveller:

WEBHOST: is the current webhost that I use and they have sponsored’s webhosting space since 2014. Having a webhost who works in your region is always a bonus because at least you’re on the same timezone, and so far I’ve been quite satisfied with the service – my site did go down once but they managed to get it back up quite quickly, and the support staff are quite responsive and helpful.



Headway Themes is what I used to design the website as you see – I like it because it has quite an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for less web-literate folk like myself to figure out web design html, css… I wanted something a little more flexible than a fixed design template, but not to ahve to do coding from scratch.



Travel Blog Success

Travel Blog Success is a group that I am part of, which is an online school cum support group for travel bloggers from around the world. It’s a bit more US/Europe centric right now by virtue of the membership and the maturity of the travel blogging scene, but if you are looking at seriously figuring out how to monetize your travel blog or partnerships, this is quite worth considering. The Facebook group alone where bloggers share thoughts and resources has been very helpful, and it’s a great way to network as well.


Disclaimer: Clicking some of the affiliate links on this page means that I get a small % cut off purchases that you make, which goes a long way in funding my own travels (This is called affiliate marketing, a way of generating passive income on my blog, one of the things I learned from Travel Blog Success!)