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A Seoul Food Experience on Epicure & Culture

In Epicure & Culture, Korea by Jaclynn Seah4 Comments

Besides recounting my own travels and posting my travel inspirations here on The Occasional Traveller, I do a bit of writing here and there on the side, and one of the newer sites I’m a contributing writer to is Epicure & Culture, run by the lovely Jessie from Jessie on a Journey who is currently my blog mentor and puts up with all my stupid questions and terrible time management… much love! Here’s the first post that I wrote for E&C – it’s based on my journals about South Korean food from my very first solo trip, aka the Seoul …

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Shopping for Beauty Products in Seoul [Go! Girl Guides Article]

In Go! Girl Guides, Korea by Jaclynn Seah0 Comments

Crossposted from Go! Girl Guides, where I’m a contributing blogger. Check out the site for more great articles from other freewheelin’ travellin’ girls that go! If there’s one thing you notice about the Koreans from their celebrities, other than their perfectly symmetrical faces, it’s their  flawless skin. Beauty is big business in Korea – for the locals and the tourists alike. Just walking around Myeongdong one evening, there were beauty shops every few steps. You can always tell that the beauty shops are around – because of their very prominent and enthusiastic promoters each shop employs – whether it’s costumes, …

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Seoul Food

In Korea by Jaclynn Seah1 Comment

I’m not a foodie. My take on food is that it’s mostly for survival – I eat to live and I hardly go out of the way just for a good meal. Also, I don’t believe you should eat anything you don’t want to eat – I love my comfort food, I don’t like vegetables and my mum has given up on getting me to eat them after all this time. So eating out in Seoul on my own was going to be challenging. Not only would the language barrier be an issue in ordering food, I knew I was …

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Seoul Sights: Samcheongdong and Bukchon Hanok

In Korea by Jaclynn Seah6 Comments

Hello I’m finally going to finish up the last of my Seoul posts! It’s been like… 3 months since my trip but I’m SO BAD at finishing things… my Taiwan posts are still unfinished, and that trip was 4 years ago! Anyhow, I’m endeavoring to finally finish up Seoul’s posts… most of these posts have been a bit delayed because I didn’t take so many pictures, and I think that somehow demotivates me from writing about them. But here I go!   SAMCHEONGDONG After my Gyeongbokgung tour, I headed out the east gate and took a quick 5-min walk towards …