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Taiwan Tales 6 – Ruisui

In Taiwan by Jaclynn Seah4 Comments

We wake up reaaaaally early to catch our train from Hualien to Ruisui – this time the hostel kindly gives us a lift all the way to the train station. It’s about 1.5 hours by train to a dinky little station. Rui Sui ?? It’s pretty early still when we reach, so not much is going on. Ruisui (or Juisui, not sure why it translates like that) is a little township still part of Hualien county. (they have a website! It’s in chinese though) We hadn’t actually booked any accomodation here since we couldn’t find any online, so we thought …

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Taiwan Tales 5 – Hualien (Taroko Gorge)

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This post has been a long time coming because there’s so much to talk about in Taroko, so it took awhile to put together all the pix! The next day we headed to the main attraction here in Hualien: Taroko Gorge. Our hostel peeps organized a day trip for us, so we grabbed some breakfast and along with 2 other guys from the hostel, we took a bumpy minivan up to Taroko Gorge… It was a bit of a disconnect that we were being shown around Taiwan by an Ang Moh dude (he’s the hostel owner’s bf and had been …

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Taiwan Tales 4 – Li Yu Lake

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Li Yu Lake ??? The next day, we visited the chili noodle place again,  and had a quick walk around town before taking a day trip out to Li Yu Lake (or known as Carp Lake) by bus from the bus terminal. Make sure to check out where the bus leaves from – we made an unnecessary detour back to the train station because we thought the bus leaves from there – the bus interchange was actually near our hostel! Li Yu Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains all around. Check out my panoramic view that I badly …

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Taiwan Tales 3 – Hualien (Hualien City)

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The next leg on the Taiwan trip took us to Hualien ?? on the east coast of Taiwan. We took a 3 hr train ride from Taipei Main Railway Station down to Hualien. We spent some time horsing around on the platform waiting for the train: The trip to Hualien was pretty scenic – there was lovely coastline which no one saw much of but me since I don’t sleep on moving vehicles much. Here’s a sketch I did in the train vs a picture I took. Also, this train ride was the beginning of the Unholy fascination with the …