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2014 Round Up – Travels

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A look back at the past year and where I’ve been to. 52 days of overseas travel with a full time day job and just 18 days of leave? Here’s how I managed to maximize travel in 2014

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2012 Round Up – The Occasional Travels

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Wow 2012 was quite a great year in terms of travelling! I had hoped to travel more, but I wasn’t really expecting to travel as much as I did given that I was piled with projects at work. But somehow I managed to squeeze out the time and ended up visiting a surprising 7 countries instead, even if I haven’t gotten around to my original plans of Scandinavia and Croatia. 2012 trips for The Occasional Traveller   The first trip happened in April, where I made the arduous journey to Malapascua with a new dive group for a great diving …

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Bangkok Blowout – Crepes and Co

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It might be a bit of a strange thing to go to Bangkok to eat Crepes of all things, but Crepes and Co was highly recommended by our host, so we decided to go check it out for breakfast. The journey to Crepes and Co was a little more memorable because we attempted to walk there from our place of residence. After half an hour of walking, we decided we were hopelessly lost and grabbed a cab. We only realized later that we had been walking in a completely wrong direction anyway, so it was a good thing we gave …