Mighty Wallet


For those who like more conventional wallets, the Mighty Wallet is a great option. The Tyvek® material makes the Mighty Wallet pretty much able to handle anything you throw its way, whether you need to stuff it to its brim or it starts to rain, the tear-resistant and water-resistant material is slim, lightweight and very strong.

The Mighty Wallet also has an ‘origami construction’ which is stitch-less, with 2 bill pockets and 4 other pockets to put cards in. I received one as a gift some time back, and it has proved pretty tough. I love that the 2 bill pockets keeps my local and foreign currency separate, while the various pockets makes it easy to segregate my various credit and transport cards.

While I don’t use mine everyday, it has held up pretty well over time and tossing around. Here’s a review from Matador goods.

Mighty Wallets are available in these designs:

  • 11/005A – INFLIGHT: This design takes inspiration from the inflight safety manuals found in airplanes. From the outside to the pockets, this cute wallet is covered all over with the safety graphics and is my favourite of the lot of Mighty Wallets [currently being restocked! drop an email to reserve!]
  • 11/005B – AIRMAIL: The familiar red and blue stripe design is a classic and so recognizable. If you ever loved receiving post in the mail Par Avion, you’ll love to own this Mighty Wallet
  • 11/005C – EXPLORER Incite the wanderlust in yourself – enjoy the beautiful map of the Alaskan region on this Mighty Wallet and inspire yourself to explore the unknown

.: 10cmW x 8.2cmH when closed, 20.3cmW x 8.2cmH when opened fully
.: 2 bill pockets, with 2 inner pockets for cards and 2 pockets in the flaps
Shipping Rates* SG – S$1 | Overseas – S$1.50

11/005A - Mighty Wallet: Inflight
11/005B - Mighty Wallet: Airmail
10/005C - Mighty Wallet: Explorer