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Understanding A Culture Through Food – My WorldNomads Entry

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World Nomads had a call for entries for its 2012 Southeast Asian Travel Writing Scholarship recently, so I put in an try just for kicks… They’ve shortlisted their favourites, and while I didn’t make the list, I’ll be waiting to see who wins this scholarship! The prize includes some pretty great mentorships and writing assignments including guys like Rough Guides and Travelfish, so whoever gets this opportunity… it will be awesome! In the meantime, I’ll keep working on my own writing, and maybe one day I’ll be the one living and working on the road! Here’s my entry, in case …

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Share an Umbrella for 2 around the Singapore Arts Festival

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This year’s Singapore Arts Festival may be themed ‘Our Lost Poems’, and revolve around finding things which are lost to us, and rediscovering the overlooked and mundane, but there are a bunch of programmes that I think would be great for Occasional Travellers out there to attend! Whether you’re a local or a tourist visiting Singapore, these programmes revolve around the idea of exploring and discovering – stuff which any decent traveller gets up to on a trip, so it seemed right to tell you more about it, even if it’s a slight departure from my usual travel journals and …

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Anywhere Travel Guiding 2011 – Four

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FOUR – 29th March 2011 (Tuesday) and other days – afternoonish @Orchard Hola it’s DEFINITELY been awhile since I pulled out the Anywhere Travel Guide (ATG)… life does have a way of hijacking you! Anyway I finally got some time off on my birthday and I decided to pull a card while I did a little shopping before my lunch date… First of all, I just need to get this out of my system, this was what flashed through my mind when I saw this card: Well I had a little time before lunch, so I attempted a little hiding …