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Making Friends with Manta Rays in the Maldives

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So the other highlight of my Maldives dive trip besides the whale sharks was being able to see the majestic manta rays up close for the first time. I’d miss them previously in Malapascua, and I had seen various types of sting rays before this, but nothing is quite the experience of having a huge manta ray (or a whole school) just swoop by you, flapping their large wings and ‘flying’ through the water. Photos don’t quite do manta rays justice because you have to see them in action to truly appreciate them. Check out my video below on diving …

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Diving in Paradise – a week in the Maldives

In Maldives, Scuba Diving by Jaclynn Seah3 Comments

After a year of planning, waiting and anticipating, I can finally say that I’ve been scuba diving in the Maldives! And what an incredible week it was! The weather was a bit of a concern at first – the week’s forecasts were rather wet and our first day there was not promising at all with grey clouds and perpetual rain, this trip was not off to a great start; after all what is the Maldives without its cerulean blue waters and sunny green islands? Being cooped up in a rocky boat was not what I had in mind… But thankfully the …

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Weekend Wanderlusting: Maldives

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And one more last trip for 2013 is in store! I’ve been anticipating this for ages – wanderlusting cannot begin to describe my excitement this week.   I’m headed up to… Maldives!   I’m going… What else, but diving diving diving for 6 full days! I’m headed up with Scubaddiction, same folks I was in Malapascua some time back, and a few who I also visited Manado with, and of course my usual dive buddy P. This trip has been in the works since somewhere around February 2013, so I can’t believe that the actual day is finally here! The …