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The Occasional Traveller is always looking to partner with like-minded companies that can help me and my readers travel better or more efficiently. I only endorse what I like or deem to be useful. All advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship will always be clearly indicated.
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  • Something different

    Looking for opportunities to showcase unusual destinations or a different side of popular places that people think they already know. I am looking to tell stories about local experiences, better ways to travel and the must-dos in a country.

  • Extended Reach

    I put together travel guides to help other busy travel lovers plan their own trips in the form of blogposs. As a freelance writer, destinations may also be featured in other publications that I write for.

  • Seasoned Traveller

    I am an indie solo traveller who loves to meet new people, will try anything at least once, and likes having a bit of free time to find my own way. My personal interests tend towards street art, scuba diving and a good beer.

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  • Better Travel

    Brands or companies who have products and/or experiences that can help me and my readers travel better. It need not be a travel product as long as there is a strong travel angle. Rates dependent on individual requirements, please email for quote. Blog posts start from S$500 and up, social posts from S$100, but open to some negotiation.

  • Fair Opinions

    Sponsored posts may take the form of social media mentions or full blog posts should there be sufficient content. Long term sponsorship will be duly credited in the Sponsors area (footer) throughout the website and in relevant posts.

  • Always Transparent

    All sponsored posts are original content written and reviewed by myself, I am highly selective of what I choose to feature. All sponsorship is clearly labelled and posted to ensure transparency to readers.

Thanks to these long term sponsors who help keep The Occasional Traveller going and make my travels better:

Please note that I do charge for sponsored posts, please email me with details on your requirements for a quote.

I am open to doing reviews in exchange for the product/experience, please email for more.

  • Quality Work

    Looking for companies who are willing and able to pay for quality travel writing. As a freelancer, unfortunately I cannot work for free.

  • For Your Needs

    I have been creating blog content for the past 6 years and on taken on freelance content production for other platforms since 2013. Head to my portfolio to see my most recently published work.

  • Travel and Culture

    My background is in communications – I have experience in copywriting and press releases. My freelance work revolves around travel, arts and culture.

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The Occasional Traveller has an archive of over 500 posts written on various topics covering travel tips for the busy professional, travel guides for countries I’ve visited and travel inspiration.

Please email me if you are interested in syndicating or replicating post(s) for your own platforms.

Note that all content here is copyright to The Occasional Traveller and nothing should be duplicated without explicit permission from me.

All content should always be clearly credited to Jaclynn Seah or The Occasional Traveller and linked back to theoccasionaltraveller.com and/or the appropriate social platforms accordingly. It should not appear that the content was written by someone else other than me.

I primarily focus on writing, but other things I am able to do base on my expertise and background in Communications:

  • Copywriting
  • Corporate Communications (Press Releases)
  • Picture research and collation
  • Basic photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Basic video editing (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker)
  • Social media content curation and management
  • Print and presentation layout (Adobe Indesign)
  • Basic blog management (WordPress)