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Partner with a Singaporean travel blogger looking to work with companies who can make people's travels better with their products and services.

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Opinions that are helpful, fair and relatable

Product Reviews

Looking for an honest post about your product that tells readers how and why it helps them travel better? I give my readers detailed reviews that they can trust as I personally test most products and services featured on The Occasional Traveller, and only endorse things that I truly love.

The Occasional Traveller has a policy of being transparent about any sponsorships and advertising, whether paid or in-kind. Any perks and benefits will be highlighted, all sponsored blog posts will be tagged accordingly and/or include a written disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Recent Reviews:

Media Trips

I accept media and FAM trip invites that let me explore new places or see a different facet of a popular destination. Weekend trips are preferred when on short notice, but please give enough lead time for weekdays or longer trips as I have a full-time job and need to negotiate leave from work.(2016 UPDATE: I am taking a career break so I will have more time for trips this year, please let me know!)

Recent Trips:

Creative Collaborations

Have a crazy cool idea for your travel product that needs fine-tuning or advice? As someone with professional expertise in marketing and communications, as well as being a blogger whose mailbox is inundated with requests daily, I make a good consultant to transform your idea into reality. Drop me a note, let's talk.


Quality blog posts and good travel writing

Original and fresh

I can be commissioned to produce fresh written content for your channels, this can cover:

  • Blog posts promoted on my channels
  • Punchy content for social media sharing
  • Long form narratives or editorial stories
  • Tips and lists for travel guides

My writing has been published in several online media channels (please see Press for details)

Existing and Ready-to-use

If you need ready content quickly, The Occasional Traveller has over 600 existing blog posts archived that you can repost or share that cover:

  • Travel for the busy working professional
  • Travel tips and stories for the indie traveller
  • Exploring Singapore by a local
  • Wanderlust inspirations to travel more

Should you wish to republish any of my articles on your own platforms, please drop me an email to check first.

Clear attribution is expected - with either Jaclynn Seah / The Occasional Traveller upfront in the byline, and with appropriate hyperlinks back to the original source. My work should not seem to be created by another person or entity unless the work was commissioned and/or paid for accordingly.

Other Skills

Besides experience in writing for editorial and as a communications professional, other skills I have include:

  • Layout for print / magazines
  • Video production, storyboards and editing
  • Community management for social media platforms
  • Basic Wordpress / html know-how

Currently, I would be a good fit for a company looking for a freelancer to work on small projects or ad-hoc jobs. Drop me an email with more details.


How we can create a win-win relationship


p>Currently, The Occasional Traveller displays some affiliate links and advertising in various blog posts, mostly through relevant text links. That means I may get a small % of any sales generated by readers clicking on these links. I handpick the affiliate partners that I work with, usually partners whose products I have tested for myself and can endorse.


Looking for someone to represent your brand? I have established myself as a fairly well-spoken travel blogger who has been featured in Singaporean and international media. My public relations training has prepped me well for media appearances and I conduct myself professionally on and off the record.

Sponsors will be credited and links will be visible throughout the website (usually the side bar / footer) and limited to companies whose products / services I love and use and am happy to endorse.


My academic and work background is in communications - advertising, marketing and public relations. I am happy to work on a freelance / contract basis with companies that need help in these fields.

Work with The Occasional Traveller


If you would like to be a sponsor for The Occasional Traveller – drop me an email. In particular, I am looking for:

  • Connectivity options – helping travellers can stay connected on the go
  • Gear options – whether it’s tech gear or luggage to help travellers travel better
  • Lifestyle options – I’m looking for fun travel experiences!


Bali Casio Kuta Beach Group Jumpshot
FAM Trip to Bali with Singapore media thanks to Casio (2016)



Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
Checking out the Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore (2014)



Trip Planning with the Google Nexus 7 and Wiho
Trip planning with the Google Nexus 7 (2014)



RWS Ocean Dreams
Overnight stay experience through Ocean Dreams at the Marine Life Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (2014)