Work with The Occasional Traveller

Building meaningful partnerships and collaborations

The Occasional Traveller is always looking for great brands to build a meaningful working relationship with.

Like-minded partners looking to promote travel and wanderlust amongst busy working professionals are also welcome.

Download the media kit for more information [Last Updated: Feb 2015]

Reviews / Sponsorship

Jac provides honest opinions and frank feedback which her readers trust and easily relate to. She personally undertakes all reviews as far as possible and only endorses them if they are up to her standards of helping her readers to travel better and/or inspiring them to travel more.

The Occasional Traveller is open to long term sponsorships and other creative collaboration ideas. Please email for more details.

Press Events / Media Trips

The Occasional Traveller may publicise travel-related news if relevant to her readers, and accepts invites to travel-related launches, previews and media events.

Media and FAM trip invites to promote destinations are also accepted. For trips longer than a weekend getaway, please give some advanced notice as Jac holds a full-time job and needs to negotiate her vacation leave.

Paid Advertising

Advertising space is available on The Occasional Traveller through:
- Display Ads (min $50/mth)
- Advertorials (min $500/post)

Only guest posts from other travel bloggers with content relevant to that of The Occasional Traveller are permitted.

Please email for further enquries about pricing.

Affiliate Content

The Occasional Traveller has over 500 posts from 4 years of writing quality content that cover:
- Travelling for the working person
- Tips and journals for various countries around the world
- Singapore explorations for the local and the visitor
- A curated list of travel inspirations

Should you wish to repost or use any of this content in your own publications, please email to seek prior permission first, and attribute all articles back to Jaclynn Seah and The Occasional Traveller

Partners of The Occasional Traveller

Partners of The Occasional Traveller

The Occasional Traveller is a top Singapore travel blog who has partnered with well-known travel and lifestyle brands to promote destinations and products to a readership of working travel-lovers.





Sheraton Bali Kuta - Chef Rossano
Hanging with the staff of Sheraton Bali Kuta (2013)



Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
Checking out the Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore (2014)



Trip Planning with the Google Nexus 7 and Wiho
Trip planning with the Google Nexus 7 (2014)



RWS Ocean Dreams
Overnight stay experience through Ocean Dreams at the Marine Life Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (2014)