Work with The Occasional Traveller

Reach out to working professionals who are travel lovers

Partner with a Singaporean travel blogger looking to work with companies who can make people's travels better with their products and services.

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Reviews on things that help make travel better

Fair, honest and helpful opinions

Looking for someone to talk about your product in a fair way that tells people how and why it can help them travel better? I personally test most products and services featured on this blog and only endorse things I truly believe in.

The Occasional Traveller has a policy of being transparent about any paid or in-kind sponsorships and advertising. Any benefits received will be highlighted, all sponsored blog posts will be tagged accordingly, and include a written disclaimer within the post.

Content Production

Quality writing and fresh content

I can be commissioned to produce original content for your channels. This includes writing articles and travel guides, taking and curating travel photos, creating social postings for distribution, shooting and editing short video clips and layout for print design.

Sponsored posts that are written for The Occasional Traveller and circulated to readers and email subscribers are also welcome. No guest writers are allowed - all sponsored posts are written by me. I will only accept such assignments if I feel that they are relevant to me and my readership.

The Occasional Traveller has over 600 existing blog posts that can be repurposed, covering topics such as travel for the busy working professional, travel tips for the independent traveller, and guides for exploring countries around the world with a focus on Asia and Singapore.

Please ask me before reproducing any of my content for your own platforms. Clear attribution and linkbacks are expected in all cases - all my content should be attributed to Jaclynn Seah or The Occasional Traveller as appropriate, and should not be perceived to be created by someone else.

FAM and Media Trips

Looking to explore new destinations

I accept invitations for group trips with other media or solo arrangements on my own time - do give enough lead time for me to plan please! I am looking for new destinations that I have not visited (see Where I Have Been so far), or allow me to see an unusual facet of a popular travel destination. I have worked with various DMOs, airlines and other agencies before - see full list here.


An established and well-spoken ambassador

Looking for a longer-term partnership with a reputable travel blogger? I have been featured in various international and local media and always conduct myself professionally whether networking at home or travelling abroad.

Sponsorship is limited to companies whose products I love and use regularly and am happy to endorse on a personal and professional basis. Sponsors will see prominent and regular highlights (as available) on my various platforms.