About Me

Who is The Occasional Traveller?

Jaclynn Seah is The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean girl with a full-time day job who loves to travel. She started theoccasionaltraveller.com in 2010 to encourage fellow deskbound wanderlusters like herself to remember to take that time off and get away, even as they labour away in their daily lives. She is always looking forward to that next trip! Here's a little more about how she realized that she forgot to travel (and how she learned to remember).

The Occasional Traveller is a collection of things that inspire her to travel - on the blog, you’ll find a range of travel reviews, journals and musings both informational and thoughtful; Viewpoints from other travellers whether occasional or frequent; as well as a broad range of inspirational links. In the spirit of budding entrepreneurship (and to feed her own shopping habits), you’ll even find an online shop with a carefully curated selection of travel-related and travel-inspired goods.

Sometimes all you need is a little spark to ignite that wanderlust, and The Occasional Traveller hopes to provide it!

For more information, download The Occasional Traveller Media Kit.