Airframe by James Kim

Everything Looks Better From The Airplane Window

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I’m a big fan of the window seat on any sort of transport I take, whether it’s the plane, train or a bus. There’s something about seeing the world roll by that makes it pretty damn magical. I drive on a daily basis now, so there’s less time for staring out the window unless I’m travelling, and by hook or by crook I’m getting that window seat!

Here are some favourite recent window seat shots:

Airplane Window Shots

Airplane Window Shots – Bali, Brisbane and somewhere in Japan

In that vein, Air Frame by James Kim seems like a pretty fun way to bring the window seat experience to your own home.

Airframe by James Kim

Pretend you’re looking out the plane window, complete with shutter. It would have been x10 cooler if the shutters were actually functional!


I’m tempted to put up an entire row of these babies on one blank wall with some of my favourite scenery shots in them like in this shot:

Airframe by James Kim

A pretty row of plane windows – I’ll gladly take this window seat myself

Airframe by James Kim

Look out a different window for a different scene, how cool is that! It’s like travelling the world from one wall…

This also reminds me of this post on Jim Darling’s airplane window art from some time back.

I’m thinking of a more DIY solution though, perhaps just a stencil and cardstock instead? Stay tuned…

All pix of Air Frame by James Kim Pix via Design Boom


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      Well Frank, everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course. She reacted a tad angstily I think, but yeah I do enjoy looking out the windows, though blazing sunlight while everyone’s trying to sleep might be a bit inconsiderate.

      On the flip side, I got a rather annoyed look once from the person next to me when I closed the blind because the sun was shining directly onto me and scorching my skin! I just shrugged, can’t make everyone happy, really!

      Thanks for dropping by the site 🙂

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