Lake Tekapo

A New Zealand Memory – The Picturesque Lake Tekapo

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Sorry missed Wednesday’s post because I’ve been rather swamped at work! Anyway I did a little more digging around in my archives of past trips to inspire myself during this busy period at work, and I pulled out these photos which never fail to make me wanderlust, even though they’re almost 8 years old!

Lake Tekapo

Enjoying the wonders of Lake Tekapo


Visiting Christchurch back in 2005 was another of these landmark trips for me where I took the plane on my own for the first time – P (who pops up mostly in my diving posts) was studying in New Zealand’s south island and I made plans to visit her while she was there. It was my first road trip without the family, and also the first time P and I travelled together; that trip made us realize that we could tolerate each other and have been firm friends since, even if we hardly meet up these days due to our respective crazy workloads.

I wasn’t quite into journalling back then so I only have the photos to jog my memory – though this trip did spawn some of my better travel stories, like how P and I killed 3 kamikaze country birds in our drive, how I mysteriously lost my camera on the last day of the trip (thankfully I had backed up my pix) and how we were totally freaked out about bungee jumping before but SO PUMPED after we were done we wanted to go again (story for another time!).

We rented a car and drove from Christchurch down south towards Dunedin. One of the places we stopped at was this particularly scenic spot called Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo

So happy to be here!


As you can see, the weather was absolutely spectacular that day – Look at those brilliant colours, I swear that I didn’t tweak any of these pictures at all! Even with my amateur photo taking skills, it was pretty impossible to take a bad shot.

Lake Tekapo

Shining blue waters of the lake with mountains in the distance


I remember the cold clear water of the lake, practically transparent but surprisingly chilly when I stuck my toes in. It was just so clean you felt like you could drink it.

Lake Tekapo

You can hardly tell there’s any water there save for the ripples!


But mostly I remember going into this little church called the Church of the Good Shepherd. It’s very small, a few rows of pews in this little stone building, but it has the most amazing view. I daresay that if I ever had religious inclinations, I would like to frequent a church like this one – small but amazing.

Lake Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepard

Lake Tekapo – Church of the Good Shepard

Lake Tekapo

I would pray to that!


We didn’t do much here, mostly admire the lake, check out the church and frolic amongst the flowers.

Lake Tekapo 2

Wikipedia tells me these are called Lupins! They are pretty.

Lake Tekapo

That’s me, frolicking. Did I just say it was impossible to take a bad photo? I might need to take that back


New Zealand is a great place to go for those who like nature, and with my family I’ve actually been there three times, and yet I would still go back there again any time!

October come soon, I’m wanderlusting…

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