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Lakeside is a beautiful typeface inspired by the lines of maps and topography. Each letter in this font looks like a mini map in itself, using the gradient lines and positions of green mountains and blue lakes to form.


Lakeside Typeface by Siyu Cao

Looks like a map, but…

Lakeside Typeface - Alphabets

is actually all the alphabets rendered in topography form – So pretty!


I particularly love how the whole series comes to life in the 3D version as compared to the flat version! It makes me think of places likes New Zealand and long for snow-capped mountains and crystal lakes.


Lakeside Typography - 2D to 3D

2D to 3D – see how the letter really pops

Lakeside Typography - Relax

If you don’t look too hard, it looks like a diorama

Lakeside Typography - Close up

Close-up of 3D alphabets

This typeface was designed by graphic design student Siyu Cao, who is a passionate traveller herself and besides being inspired by nature, loves cultures and people with fascinating stories too. See more of her great works here.

All pictures used with permission of Siyu Cao.

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