Packing just got easier with Rise and Hang

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When I travel, my preferred luggage of choice is usually a suitcase, something you can wheel around, something with sufficient space for me to toss all my clothes in. I am not the neatest person by nature, backpacks drive me nuts because you have to be pretty organized to keep everything compact and within easy reach without upending everything on the floor. I try to be neat (in my head at least), but somehow I never quite succeed in being that super organized person – by the end of my trip all semblance of folding is abandoned, the only attempt is to separate the clean clothes from the dirty ones.

So the Rise and Hang just seems like such a simple and good idea – it’s basically a set of collapsible shelves that you can pack into your bag that keeps your things separated neatly – I love that you can just hang it up in the cupboard easily and everything is neatly organized like your wardrobe at home without having to unpack – it’s just hang and go!

Check out the pix below, as well as the little video from the Rise and Hang folks that should give you a better idea of how it works:

It’s very simple really – just a bunch of collapsible shelves like the type you can find in Ikea

Hang up your clothes neatly without having to unpack them from your bag!

Stow them away in your luggage easily when you’re done

The Rise and Hang system also comes in a duffel bag version for overnighters

Look how simple it is to use!

Thanks to Rise and Hang for pix and video.

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