Weekend Wanderlusting: The Swirling Rainbow River of Cano Cristales

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This river in Colombia called the Caño Cristales turns multi-coloured when transitioning from the wet to dry seasons in September to November every year. The beautiful colours are caused by the algae in the water that turns red when it blooms.

It’s not the easiest spot to get to though – you need to get to Villavecencio, and then charter a plane to get to La Macarena, and then it needs another canoe, jeep and hike to reach. Here’s a pretty good blog on how one traveller found their way here.

Read more about it from Wikipedia and Atlas Obscura.


Rainbow coloured river!

Here’s another view of the river

A close-up of the algae that causes the rainbow colours

All pix via Flickr Creative Commons: Reza Ahmeds | rachelcifelli | Guillermo Vasquez

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