29 things in 29 years

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Happy 29th birthday to me!  I’m probably off gallivanting around Bali somewhere whilst you’re reading this now, celebrating my birthday overseas for the first time!

It’s the last year of my 20s, am I any wiser or more sensible than I was before? Well I can’t say for sure, in my head I will always be that goondu who’s a bit incredulous I’m a bonafide legal adult. The last year has been eventful for me as well as The Occasional Traveller, and this year is going to be another incredible one as I work towards my ultimate goals of more travelling and more me-time.

Here’s something I’ve been mulling on for awhile, and I can’t wait for that 30th milestone, so it’s gonna be 29 things I’ve learnt in 29 years of living, or perhaps 29 mantras I live by these days. Tell me what you agree/disagree with!

  1. Pick your battles – not everything is worth fighting for. Gather your karma and play your trump cards when it’s right!
  2. There’s being honest, and there’s being blunt, and there’s just being plain insensitive
  3. When you have nothing good to say, you’re better off not saying anything
  4. Love and lust, often mixed together, not to be confused. But the ability to tell them apart doesn’t mean you’ll make smarter decisions.
  5. You’ll always think you know better, then a few years later, you’ll want to hit your young foolish self’s head.
  6. Everything changes, but you’ll be surprised how much stays the same
  7. I yearn to traipse about the world, but nothing beats the feeling of coming back home. I never used to want to live overseas, but now I want to, just for a little while. So I can come home again. (I want to travel the world so I can always live the feeling of coming back home again)
  8. For all I complain about Singapore, there are definitely things that I truly appreciate: Our uneventful natural climate (save the occasional flood and inconvenient downpour), our inclination and wide variety of reasonably priced Singaporean food (Chicken Rice, Roti Prata, Bak Kut Teh, yum yum) and being able to get anywhere within an hour with a car.
  9. Sleeping and being able to sleep in is underrated. I <3 leave days. There is an art to nua-ness (that’s Singlish for couch-potato-ing).
  10. No one is going to look out for you more than yourself. It might be selfish to be self-centered, but hey, ultimately, you’re the only one responsible for you.
  11. Take the effort to care for and spend time with your friends. It’s best when both parties try, however they choose to express it; but when it doesn’t happen, sometimes there’s no harm just taking a step back and letting things fall the way they do
  12. Don’t say anything about anyone that you can’t say to their face, just in case they suddenly walk in to the room while you’re bitching about them.
  13. Always, always back up and save your files. Your device will break down when you need it the most; that’s just the way they’re built.
  14. It really doesn’t pay to be too easy in any type of relationship. But there is nothing that can’t be solved with some artful compromise.
  15. I am thankful for my family, really I am.
  16. Things could always be worse, take heart in that. If you have the time and ability to read this, you’re probably better off than a good lot of people out there.
  17. Be considerate, and if you forget to, be contrite.
  18. 3 things I value in a relationship: honesty, loyalty, openness with me. Obviously I have trust issues =P
  19. If you talk the talk, then get off your butt and walk the walk. Things don’t happen unless you make them happen!
  20. Learn to pull your punches – there is value in kindness, no matter how much you want to strangle that dumbass.
  21. The older you get, the more you’ll learn how to go with your gut. Still doesn’t explain making consciously bad decisions…
  22. A lot of people say things. Not all of them mean what they say. Even fewer will follow through with that they say. Remember everything they say.
  23. If you have a problem, bring it up – a problem can’t be solved unless it is known. You’re then entitled to scream if it doesn’t get solved.
  24. You can’t convince someone to feel anything for you.
  25. If you say it out loud, you’ll jinx yourself. Murphy’s Law has a way of biting you in the ass. Caution > Overconfidence.
  26. Wanting is 51% of the battle won. Everything else can be worked on.
  27. When in doubt, take photographs first and ask questions later. You never know whether you’re looking at a gem or a dud!
  28. Quite often you already know how something is gonna turn out because you know how someone is going to react. It’s a matter of whether you’re willing to face it.
  29. Sometimes, shit happens, whether you’re a bad person or not. But on that note, life can surprise you in the best and strangest ways

29 years and counting, here’s to a great year ahead! =)

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