Singapore Shorts: Of BlackBerries, Overdoughs and Shibuya

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Wooh last week sure was busy for me, here’s a quick rundown of the things that I was up to, from attending the Singapore BlackBerry Z10 Launch, to a yummy Yelp Singapore event and checking out Hello Shibuya Tokyo.


BlackBerry Z10 Launch Event

Me. Blogger. Whee~

I mostly knew about the BlackBerry launch from the Neil Gaiman Keep Moving project, and was lucky enough to be invited to the launch event for the new BlackBerry Z10 phone at Marina Bay Sands Art Science Museum. Unfortunately it decided to pour that evening, and oddly enough there isn’t a covered walkway from the main towers to the museum, so there was lots of scrambling and getting wet just making it to the reception.

Still, the launch started fairly on time… it was also the 10th year anniversary for BlackBerry and we were shown a quick video with the various new features of the BlackBerry Z10 – as you can see, it looks less like the BlackBerry of yore and like every other smartphone today. We also got to test out the phone for ourselves in the neighbouring Experience Room, with everyone crowded around the little booths in between cocktail food and drinks.

ta dah! The new BlackBerry! A short presentation on the new Z10 and a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate 10 years of BlackBerry

Testing the new BlackBerry Z10

The verdict? Well I’m an iPhone user, before that I was a long-time Nokia user (the 8210, 8250, 7260 and 6500 classic), so all I really knew about BlackBerry previously was that they had a keypad, Berry users could ping each other and you checked your work mail with it. This new BlackBerry Z10 admittedly looks similar to an iPhone (actually all smart phones now kinda look the same) but from what I’ve seen, it’s a smarter version of it. The new BB tagline is ‘Keep Moving’, which is what the new BBz10 is supposed to do, touting itself as an iphone you can use with just one hand.

Some of the features I like:

  • The interchangable work and home interfaces – the BlackBerry balance – that you can have different desktop interfaces is a pretty smart idea, and great for people who want to keep professional and personal separate
  • The cool camera function – they call it the Time-Shift function – it takes the second before and after your actual shot, so if someone blinks, you can select the right picture, or even just replaces a single person’s face!
  • Swipey keyboard – it’s similar to predictive text, but this keyboard basically works by predicting your sentences and let’s you type in words by swiping upwards on a single letter

My thoughts? Worth considering a look at, it definitely seems like a smart design, will I have more chance to test it out though? Stay tuned… The BBZ10 goes on sale in Singapore on March 7.


Yelp Elite Event @ Overdoughs

All the FOOD, omg SO GOOD.

I was also invited to the Yelp Elites event at Overdoughs. They used to be at Waterloo Centre but have now moved next to their parent restaurant Artichoke located in Sculpture Square along Middle Road. They’re a little bakery that specializes in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pastries, and man, is their stuff good. I really want to go back again for brunch or dinner on another day… it’s that awesome! Read my review here.

Thanks again Marcus for the invite, and to the owners Bjorn and Roxanne for hosting us… Yelp really is an awesome way to find your way around in Singapore, and I will admit to checking in and browsing reviews on Yelp whenever I visit a new place now…

From L to R: Snickers Tart (HEAVEN!), Chocolate Baklava (not bad), Bacon Birthday Surprise (odd)

Some savoury to cleanse your palate from all that sweetness – Nachos with (from L): Oyster Dip, Duck Sultan with cheese, Haloumi cheese with tomatoes from their garden


Hello Shibuya Tokyo

And here’s another fun event happening at the Plaza Singapura atrium if you’re in the area called Hello Shibuya Tokyo. It’s a collaborative event run by Parco Singapore that showcases the best of upcoming Japanese and Singaporean fashion designers and artists. It’s nice to visit and check out some of the interesting artworks and collaborations, but man… those are Japanese designer prices we’re talking about here, like “$300 for a scarf” type of prices. I love it, but I am nowhere near affording it. Still, looking at the artworks and covetting the items is free…

Hello Shibuya Tokyo happens from now till 10 march, so you still have time to catch it!

Hello Shibuya Tokyo!

Well this was probably the only thing I could afford – $2.50 Hello Kitty chilli crab cup noodles! But really, unless my crab meat or fishcakes are going to be hello kitty shaped, this is just cute packaging…

These were kinda cute, kinda bizarre, somewhere around the $50 range if I remember correctly

And this was just weird. That is real human hair in a snowglobe, except this is more like a hairglobe. The inspiration is Japanese horror movies, which I totally get because this has Sadako written all over it!


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