Finding yourself sometimes in the middle of nowhere

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A lot of times I get inspired to wanderlust by great pictures and quotes that I find on the Internet. I came across this really great quote and thought it really resonated with one of my recent pictures from my Abu Dhabi trip, so after fiddling around on Photoshop and Indesign for a bit, here’s the first of hopefully many TOTpostcards in time to come:

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere
Sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself

I really like this quote – not just for its symmetry, but that sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone to really discover yourself, what you like and what you truly live for.

A moment where I ‘found myself’ was returning from my first solo trip to Seoul in 2011. As I made my way back home, that’s when I realized that I had truly done it – travelled on my own, without the help of friends, family, familiar language, and I enjoyed it and survived. It might not seem like a big milestone, but it affirmed what I was never really sure about, and I haven’t looked back since =)

It’s more than a year later in Abu Dhabi when I took this picture, one morning when I went out trekking on the sand dunes while the others were still sleeping. I found that with the fine sand, it was easier to wind my way up instead of walking in a straight line – What you’re looking at is my path up and back down again. I was travelling with a bunch of my closest friends, but it was nice to have some me-time sitting on top of the sand dune and just focusing on myself and my random thoughts for a bit.

The Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi is probably one of the more ‘nowhere’ types of places that I’ve stayed despite it being a high-end villa – when you look beyond the villa, you see nothing but endless sand dunes and even more sand dunes in the distance. Another place that makes me feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere is live-on-board dive trips where we’re out in the middle of the ocean. But sometimes it doesn’t take being in the middle of nothingness to feel like nowhere – foreign countries and cultures can make you feel adrift and alone too.

My dear Occasional Travellers, have you found yourself in the middle of nowhere? Tell me about it!


p/s: I toyed with another version of this postcard – also taken that same morning, I was playing around with the shadows. Do you like this better?

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