Graham Hughes Visits 201 Countries Without Taking A Flight

Travelling nowadays has become synonymous with flying – heading to the airport, taking a plane ride somewhere, getting your passport stamped… but Graham Hughes has proved otherwise by being the first guy in the Guiness Book of Records to visit 201 countries. What’s amazing is not just that he’s crossed 201 borders, but that he did it on a budget of $100 or less a week!


His full list of 201 countries includes the 193 members of the United Nations plus Taiwan, Vatican City, Palestine, Kosovo, Western Sahara and the four home nations of The United Kingdom. Also, no flying means no plane, helicopter or hot air balloon rides. Imagine that~ the land borders are easy enough but crossing continents can only mean long, long ship rides~

Singapore was #179 on his list, and it turns out he was here while I was running around the Singapore Arts Festival for work, so we might have crossed paths at some point, because damn if I wasn’t down there every day for the whole two weeks it was on! In his time in Singapore, he managed to visit (and love) one of the weirdest buildings here: Parkview Square or the Gotham City building, the now-decaying Haw Par Villa, a park that depicts the many gruesome ways Chinese people believe you can die, as well as my personal favourite area the Arab Street quarter (Check out my Yelp list on my favourite spots in the area here).

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