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If you haven’t checked out TOTshop yet this year, you’re missing out on these lovely new felt PinWorld and PinCity maps that I painstakingly handcarried back from Europe…

I’m pretty big on travel journals, but what I really loved about these large maps are that they not only make a great decoration for your wall, they’re also a fun way for you to put up mementos from your last trip, or information to inspire yourself to take that next trip. For the visual person, this is a great way to see your trips at a glance, and what a great talking piece this would make.



Maps are also available for particular cities if you want a more detailed look at your favourite city – I have them for Paris, London, New York and Berlin

PinMap Pincity Berlin

PinMap Pincity Berlin

Pinmap PinCity London

LONDON – Blue & Black available


Pinmap PinCity Paris

PARIS – Blue and Black available


PinMap PinCity Berlin

BERLIN – Blue available


New York

NEW YORK – Black and Blue available



I took a blue PinWorld map for myself, it’s empty now but I intend to stick up some of my lomography pix, as well as find some of the spare ephemera that I haven’t stuck down in my journals to put up as well.

It’s pretty light so you can pin the map up as I did if you have the right type of backing surface, or blu-tack or velcro would serve just as well.


Check out TOTshop today for more!

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