WSH EWE WRE ERE with Expedia

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Wish You Were Here!

Here’s a really fun ad campaign by Expedia UK conceived by O&M London, which makes use of the unique 3-letter IATA tags assigned to each airport around the world to form fun sentences. It’s really creative and I love the way they used ‘real’ airport tags to form the words, and the passport stamp caption in the corner customized to each message, very clever. Read more about the design process from Creative Review.

Sun Sand Sea Sex (hahaha)

Mum, Dad, I Owe You!

Bon Voyage!

An Arm and a Leg

It got me wondering about what other words I could form, and with the help of the World Airport Codes website, I found these that make up my name:

JAC (Jackson Hole, USA)

THE (Teresina, Brazil)
OCC (Coca, Equador)
TRA (Taramajima, Japan) VEL (Vernal, USA), LER (Leinster, Australia)

TOT (Totness, Suriname)

Go check it up, does your name correspond to an IATA code anywhere in the world?

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