Unholies in UAE – Sand Dunes, Heated Pools and Overall Decadence

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I was super stoked about staying in the middle of the desert (check out my Qasr review here!) and couldn’t wait to do check out all that sand. While we didn’t actually get down to actual dune bashing (taking a 4-wheel drive and driving through the sand and dunes), we had sand dunes right at our front doorstep and I spent some mornings and evenings trekking them.

Walking in sand is hard! This desert sand is super-fine like powder and gets everywhere. I was washing sand out of my ears and clothes for days after… At least there wasn’t any water to make it stick to you uncomfortably. Seriously, the landscape is unreal, friends can’t believe that these pictures are real but I assure you I only did minimal tweaking to the pix. Enjoy the pix below, stay tuned for more trip journals and photos! =)

Look at the colours of the sand! Love the lines that the wind makes

What wanders in the sand? Apparently there are desert mice, and we saw a lone sand gazelle too!

postcard worthy landscape!

Sunset on the dunes


I spent a lot of time just wandering the dunes on my own, catching up on journalling and taking fun pix…

The Occasional Traveller hard at work!

Dancing in the sand!

Looking for something!

Look at the beautiful grooves in the sand

Jumpshots! Trying hard to be graceful


When the others finally deigned to come outside, we troop off once again into the sand dunes and pick new ones to scale. What we get up to in the desert… well you’ll see!

trooping out in the morning

The Unholies!

Pretending we’re on some sort of ring quest

beer and sand dunes is a go!

It also makes you think that rolling down the sand dunes is the funniest thing ever

A row of sand angels!

That’s how you make sand angels, though it’s looking like a rather seedy photoshoot…


And after all that sand, it was really nice to take a dip in the heated pool and knock back a nice bottle of beer, or glass of wine… Three whole days of decadence with Sun, Sand and (sorta) Sea! =)

I painted my toenails but they didn’t last very long…

Decadent lounging, that’s mostly what I did

Sunset in a wine glass


  1. Nice review. It seems like a fun place to be. I was wondering the beer that is shown in the picture. Is that from the hotel itself or did you bring that with you from outside the UAE. I can never find those types pf beers in Dubai. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Author

      Hi Rokan thanks for the comment!

      The beer we procured from Abu Dhabi – my friend knows of a liquor store and we brought our own wine and beer in. The beers are imports, Konig and Leffe 🙂

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