Unholies in UAE and Munich Meandering – Post Trip Recap

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I cannot believe that this trip is done. I feel like I’ve been planning these two trips for the longest time, so it’s pretty amazing that they have come and gone so quickly. I’ve got so much to talk about I think these posts may last me till February or March!

So as a bit of a teaser, here’s a quick recap and a collection of 12 pictures in total for these two trips which I think best summarize the trips without any captions for now. 12 because it’s 2012 and the world was supposed to end this year but didn’t, thankfully. Because I’m looking to collect more travels and I need quite a lot more time to do it!

Also, look out for the upcoming 2012 Round Up Posts to see a recap of what I’d been up to this past year and what’s ahead for The Occasional Traveller in 2013.


Unholies in UAE was epic, as expected. It’s been awhile since the five of us have gathered together, especially because one of us is an expat working overseas. This time, we got together on KL’s current home turf and spent some quality time as a group without (much) interruption from life in general. One could consider this a do-over of our Taiwan grad trip, and it turned out to be a successful one at that since we’ve all come away happy and closer than ever.


Meandering in Munich conversely, was quite unexpected and most surprising. While it was technically my solo trip of the year (#3 since Seoul and Vietnam), in actuality I only spent one day by my lonesome, what with the hospitality of my Cousin’s family living in Munich and a new friend I made on the city tour. I love traveling with my friends, but solo trips always manage to bring new experiences to the table. And also, Christmas markets and German beer, what’s not to love!


Curious? Stick around for more stories soon! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate =)

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