Jac goes Analog with Lomo

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All excited for my upcoming UAE/Munich trip! For my bigger trips this year, I’m trying to do a little something special each time around – I did a test-run with the Micro Scooter Luggage in Osaka previously, and this time around I’m taking the plunge and embracing good ol’ film photography alongside my usual digital pix!

Digital photography is a godsend for trigger-happy people like me, I like having the freedom to take as many shots, as many times as I need to, as many ways as I want. But it also makes me lazy – I don’t think I’m as thoughtful about my shots as I could be, lacking the patience to compose a beautiful shot – it’s just snap snap snap and let’s move on for me! I had a bit of practice and photography tips underwater in Manado, but let’s see how I’ll do on land…

The good people at Lomography Singapore have kindly lent me one of their La Sardina cameras to take along on my trip, and it’s going to be quite an experience for myself, to really step back and not just snap away needlessly, film costs money after all! A 3-pack film roll of Color Slide/X-pro 35MM film with 36 exposures each is S$31.90, which works out to around 30 cents for each shot, and we haven’t included the cost of developing yet either.

Look at the pretty camera!

I’m really quite excited to use it on this trip. I had a brief run-through on using the La Sardina in the previous round, but look how those pix turned out (ick!). This time around, assistant store manager Olivia sat me down and patiently walked me through how to use the camera, from loading the film, to all the various functions (long exposures! multiple exposures!), so hopefully the pix will turn out better this time around.

I’ll share those pix in an album after the trip! In the meantime, keep a lookout on The Occasional Traveller Facebook Page for sporadic updates, I’ll be bringing my laptop along to do some writing on the long plane journeys but no time for proper blogging…

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