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Hello my lovely Occasional Travellers! I’m just back from Manado and it was a helluva diving trip! Saw lots of great critters and had the chance to really work on my underwater photography, so you’ll be seeing quite a lot of Manado-related updates and pictures in the near future!

In the meantime in case you’ve missed the updates on my twitter and facebook pages, I had the opportunity to boss the instagram account for Hejorama during my Manado trip, and posted up 5 pictures over a period of 4 days. Thought I’d talk a little more about them here since there’s only so much space for updates/comments on instagram!

This is the Cocotino’s resort jetty that stretches out so the boats have a berth even during low tide. We would troop out here and climb the gangplank down to the boat every morning we were diving at Manado or Bunaken.

When diving in Lembeh, we would take a 1.5-2hr drive across Manado to the eastern coast of Bitung and dive in the Lembeh Straits. What you’re looking at is Lembeh Island, though we would spend most of our dives along the Bitung coast.

It’s a picture of the display of my underwater camera hence the blurriness, but I was really stoked about getting this cool shot of a coconut octopus hiding in a clam shell. We would see the rare blue-ring octopus later in that dive as well, but I’m really fond of this funny octopus which picked its shell up as it walked away!

This picture was pretty funny – our dive guide M was sketching out the next dive site on the whiteboard of the boat, when our other dive guide James snuck up behind him and started copying M’s sketch onto M’s back! We were joking that M should dive without his shirt so we could use his back for navigation underwater =P

This last pic was taken for me by P – we were just chilling on the bow of the boat when I noticed that the cloud right in front of us really looked like the face of a frog fish. After that, all the clouds just started to take on various fish shapes – P snapped another pipefish/trumpetfish looking one, while I spotted another one looking like a fish foraging in coral. Suspect it’s just something to do with overall lumpiness of clouds and the underwater fish that make them look so similar! Or possibly I’d just been staring at too many fish…


Check out the Hejorama Instagram page for other traveller’s great pix, or follow them on instagram here. They’re always looking for more travellers, so do drop them a note if you’re keen to contribute!

Also, I do have an instagram account, albeit not updated very frequently, but I’ll try! =)

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