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I had the pleasure of being invited down to the Lomography Gallery Shop Singapore a little while back to check out the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition. It’s not a very  big shop, located on the outskirts of the happening Ann Siang/Club Street area, so there was definitely a buzzy vibe and I was knee deep in hipsters once I finally entered the store!

So many pretty cameras! Pix from Lomo SG FB

It was really buzzy, and quite happening – there was a DJ spinning music and really good finger food by SPR MRKT which wiped out really quickly every time they replenished, and drinks from the mobile bar DrinkDings, served by a friendly bartender whose drinks got stronger as the night wore on… that is until he ran out of vodka, by which time I think most of the guests were buzzy already (mission accomplished!)

Guess where my favourite spot for the night was!

But the focus was on the La Sardina cameras, so named after their sardine can shape, and the really pretty ones which were specially customized by designers. Here are my favourite ones:

Yong Somewhere Else

Kitt Santos had a lovely Sea themed one made out of clay!

Yong’s Somewhere Else has a para from Rime of the Ancient Mariner on the back!

Joseph Chiang from Monster Gallery made a sardine can out of a La Sardina

The Lomo folk (hi Meerly and Olivia!) also kindly let me run around the store with a loaner La Sardina. It seems easy enough to use, but man, I think I really suck at taking photos…

I kinda like this, even if it’s off focus. Kinda dreamy…

Me talking to Kitt Santos, who’s kickass camera can’t be missed if he ever carries it around with him!

That’s me, eating and drinking with my camera in my pocket

Either the drinks were getting to me or I had really unfocused eyes that night, but I’m just going to say that it was an intentional thing, and the party was great fun because I did get to meet a lot of new people that night, and learn a little about the La Sardinas. They’re really very pretty, and I’m tempted to get one myself. Check out the Maps editions for some pretty map-inspired cameras, or if you’re into DIY, the all-white DIY La Sardina is gorgeous! If you’re keen to check out the exhibition, it ends 14 Oct, so there’s still a little time for you to hustle down now!

All ready for you to customize!

Well but the best news is that the Lomo folk have also agreed to loan me a camera on my next trip to play around with (yay!) I’ve always been a digital photography sort in the past couple of years, so going back to basics with analogue photography should be an interesting experiment. Perhaps a little more thoughtful and considered? Film is pricey after all… Look out for that at the end of the year!

Thanks to Olivia and Meerly for inviting me down for this event! The Lomography Gallery Store Singapore is located at 295 South Bridge Road, S(058838) and open everyday from 12 – 9pm. Go check out their store for lovely cameras, great and friendly advice, and the workshops they conduct to help you be a better photographer! Check out their website or stay connected via their facebook page.

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