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Weekend Wanderlusting: Manado

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We’re in the last quarter of 2012, and while I thought the UAE/Munich trip was going to be the last trip for the year, it turns out I managed to squeeze in another one!



Manado! Pix from Manadonow.com

Dive in Manado, Indonesia!

I’m really quite excited about this trip! Manado is one of THE places to go when it comes to muck diving and weird critters, and somehow I had enough leave to make this trip over the Deepavali week (Public Holidays ROCK)… whee!



My usual dive buddy P (who’s been with me to Redang, Malapascua and squeezed with me in tiny LOB rooms off Tioman waters)

My Dive Buddy!

S who I dived with recently at the wrecks and in Malapascua…

I don’t have a better picture of S, but you’ll always know where she is underwater because she’s Ms Pink everything, from her hose down to her pointer!

and S who was also on the Malapascua dive




There aren’t too many flights from Singapore – the cheapest option from Singapore is via Silkair with the cheapest flights going at around $440 – the next cheapest options are around $800 and up! They fly into Sam Ratulangi International Airport and only fly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Surprisingly there aren’t any direct budget flights from Singapore considering its just under 4 hours away.

Singapore (SIN) –> Manado, Indonesia (MDC)
MI274: Changi Airport T2 > Sam Ratulangi Int’ll Airport 09:25 – 13:05

Manado, Indonesia (MDC) –> Singapore (SIN)
MI273: Sam Ratulangi Int’ll Airport > Changi Airport T2  13:50 – 17:05



Finally a luxe diving trip! No tiny bed-width sized rooms here! We’ll be staying at 2 places:

Cocotinos Manado is located in Wori Bay on North Sulawesi. This is where we’ll be spending most of our time.

A room that we can actually walk around in!


Lembeh Hills Resort on Lembeh – it’s about 2 hours from Manado to the island of Lembeh off the east coast of North Sulawesi – we wanted to skip the long commute just to dive

Look at that pool view…



Dive Dive Dive and take a lot of pix! Lembeh is pretty famous for its black sandy bottoms and is an awesome place for muck diving and macro creatures. I hope to practice my underwater photography and take lots of photos of weird and wonderful (but teensy) critters! Bunaken is supposedly more famous for larger animals. My sis has been there several times and highly recommends the place, so I’m posting up some of her pix for inspiration!

Rhinopias (a type of scorpionfish)

Moray eel (this one is s scary yellow!)


Hairy Frogfish

I also want to have some real R&R in the resorts – we seem to be staying in some pretty nice places this time around, I’m definitely making use of that awesome pool!

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