Sharing my Travel Bucket List with travelmob

Recently I had the lovely pleasure of meeting some of the folk from travelmob, a social-stay website where you can host and book alternative accommodation in various countries around Asia Pacific. They invited me to share one of the places on my Travel Bucket List, and it got me thinking about the places that I want to head to…

I had to think quite long and hard about must-see places from around Asia – perhaps living in Singapore has made me long for lands more foreign and further away – Croatia, Scandinavia, Easter Island, Amsterdam… these are just some of the places I’ve been thinking quite seriously about visiting, but ultimately I realized the one place I would definitely want to see in Asia at some point in my life:

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Yes, I’ve been all around that area, to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but for some reason I’ve yet to set foot in the Motherland. I was supposed to go a few years back with the family, but it was right in the midst of the SARS epidemic and I was up to my neck in work, so I elected to pass on the trip… probably wouldn’t have passed on it now!

And yes the thing about diving at the Great Wall of China is real… no kidding! Check out this video on Youtube, or a more recent clip from the Today show. There isn’t much in terms of fish and sea life, but being able to float alongside turrets seems pretty damn unusual.

Anyway there’s more from travelmob coming up soon right here on TOT, but in the meantime do check out the Travelmob website if you can, they’re offering 20% off all Asia Pacific properties. in a year-end deal, till the end of October, so if you’re itching to travel and looking for somewhere other than a hotel or hostel to stay, it’s definitely worth a look!

Occasional Travellers out there, what’s on your Travel Bucket List?

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