Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting: Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Munich

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Well I seem to be jetting about this year eh? I have one last trip lined up for the end of the year, and it’s going to be EPIC. First and foremost…


a Middle Eastern adventure in Abu Dhabi & Dubai,

and then up to Munich in Germany!



It’s the Unholies redux! Recall our 2007 trip adventure to Taiwan upon graduation (I know the journals are not done yet ARGH) It’s 5 years later in 2012 and we’re off to Abu Dhabi to visit K who’s now an expat there, and a hen night of sorts for C who’s now engaged. Oh how time has flown! I’m just glad to be travelling with this crazy bunch again. We’ll spend the Abu Dhabi-Dubai leg together, and after that I’ll jet up to Munich on my own.



I’ll be flying up to Abu Dhabi, and thereafter heading up to Munich before flying back home. The best flights of course are by the Middle Eastern carriers like Emirates, Qatar and Etihad. Etihad didn’t have the dates I wanted, and while Emirates had the cheapest flights at around $1.8k, it flew through Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi. Dubai is about an hour overland from Abu Dhabi, so it was a plausible option for me, but in the end given the time and costs, I decided to fly Qatar instead, the same flights that my friends were taking, at around $2.1k all in.

I was debating visiting Amsterdam instead of Munich, but Amsterdam’s not a common stopover so it ended up being more expensive, and would involve changing to different airlines on all legs. A multi-stopover involving Munich however meant I could stay with one airline, and a reputable one at that.

Flight schedules for anyone interested:

My flight by Qatar: SIN>AUD>MUC>SIN

QR641: SIN>DOH 21:05 – 00:05(+1)
QR102: DOH>AUD 02:15 – 04:15

QR129: AUD>DOH 23:45 – 23:50
QR009: DOH>MUC 01:50 – 06:20

QR641: MUC>DOH 14:55 – 22:35
QR102: DOH>SIN 02:30 – 14:55


SIN>AUD>SIN (Qatar was having a great deal! About $850+ all in!)

QR641: SIN>DOH 21:05 – 00:05(+1)
QR102: DOH>AUD 02:15 – 04:15

QR129: AUD>DOH 23:45 – 23:50
QR642: DOH>SIN 02:20 – 14:55



In Abu Dhabi, we’ll mostly be bunking with K at her place, but we’re going to stayover in Dubai for a night or 2 (TBC), but the highlight would be the lovely luxury villa that we’re splurging on in the middle of the desert called Qasr Al Sarab.

Check it out! Nothing more needs to be said. Pix from Qasr Al Sarab website

It’s much less luxe in Munich when I’m on my own where I’ve booked a single room dorm at the Euro Youth Hotel. It’s shared toilets and facilities, but I’ll have my own single room to go back to at night, which does meet the social nature that I’m looking for, but I have somewhere to hide when I’m tired of people. Also, it’s near the train station and city centre which makes it very convenient for me to get around.




It’s winter in the middle east, which means a comfortable 15 – 25 degrees celsius outside, which is less than half what I experienced when I was last in Dubai back in 2007, which was a sweltering baking heat! Besides lounging in a dessert villa and doing some dune bashing, we’ll be exploring Abu Dhabi – some things include the Yas Marina F1 Circuit, going to the Falcon Hospital (an actual hospital that treats sick/injured Falcon birds. I was wondering why our itinerary included a hospital visit at first…) and maybe some Mangrove Kayaking (mangroves in the desert, who knew?) CNNgo has a convenient round up right here.

Sadly the original plan to skydive in Dubai was canned because they’re closed for some competition… BOO. I was totally looking forward to this!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque that we’ll be visiting too. pix from here

Munich is going to be a lot colder and properly wintery so I’ll have the chance to wear my boots and drink hot gluhwein (mulled wine), soaking in the Christmas spirit at their legendary Christmas markets! While I’ll miss out on Oktoberfest, I’m still going to imbibe at least a litre of beer, maybe check out the Pinakothek and BMW museums (BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works, never knew that!)

Getting into the Christmas spirit!


Can’t wait for the December to come around! It’s so hard to concentrate on work when you’ve already got holidays on your mind…


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