Ohayo Osaka! My Japan Stash

My little jaunt to Japan was pretty amazing – look at what I brought back!


From Umeda: Trunk Notebook + Notebook Cover

I came across these lovely notebooks in a store at the Umeda Train Station (see me carrying stuff at the Umeda Sky Garden? The books are in there!) and I love the nostalgic feel of old steamer trunks, so these notebooks and notebook covers are the perfect way to carry pretty luggage around with you.

Trunk Notebooks
Trunk Notebook Covers come with a key bookmark
Mini luggage to carry around with you
Stickers that come with the notebooks that you can decorate your suitcase with (does not come with notebook covers)


 From Gion: Pocchiri Wallet and Coin Purse

Aren’t these the PRETTIEST. I randomly came across this shop while walking around Gion in the evening. I spent so long just browsing the shop and trying to decide what to buy. While I honestly don’t need a new wallet now, I would totally keep these for myself… if only the wallets were a little bigger!

Spotted: wallets and pouches
Pocchiri is the prettiest little shop in Gion
Look at all the pretty pouches! I was cooing, oohing and aahing.
Just look at all that pretty!


From Arashiyama: Tenugui

I thought these were Furoshiki when I bought them – Furoshiki are often used by the Japanese to wrap bento boxes, presents, or just about anything, but when I unrolled them, I realized they were rectangular rather than square shaped as Furoshiki are wont. I did a little bit of research online and realized that these were Tenugui instead – they look more like hand towels instead, but you can use them in the same way you use Furoshiki (check out this quite extensive Tenugui wrapping tutorial here)

Sweets and Waves… yum
Cute little froggies with raindrops on the reverse
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