A Shrewsbury One-Off Branding

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I doubt many people would even have heard of Shrewsbury before this, but hell if they’re making it work with this rebranding exercise! They’ve taken a sleepy English town and given it a hipster makeover, with a branding any corporate entity would be glad to own. I definitely want to own some of the merchandise, and perhaps I just might want to check out the place to see how the rebranding has worked for its folk.

I think the ‘One-off’ tagline highlighting originality is a little more subtle and less cheesy than other tourism taglines I’ve seen out there, and the use of the motif… just brilliant!

I want this tote! The seemingly abstract design is based on timbre motifs often found on English cottages. They’ve made a whole font out of it, which is just awesome.

See the way they’ve worked the font into the ad? And it’s subtle and makes you think, which is something different from the bright smiles and families and glitz that tourism ads always seem to favour

Here’s an example of the timber struts. This is a swell postcard

They’ve made these simple stamps so that everyone can get into it, something simple, quick and easy that doesn’t always require complex branding guidelines.

Pix and story from FastCoDesign


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