Meshu shows wear you have been

You’ve seen some of the more interesting landmark or map related stuff we have here on TOT or in the blog, but here’s something that’s a little more personal – have a trip that you want to commemorate, or a journey you always want to carry around with you? Look into Meshu where you can create your own jewellery based on the trip journeys that you’ve made.

Not just random abstract jewellery! Pix from

You use their app to create your own personal set of crisscrossing lines – it really is quite fun to play around with – here are a couple of my trips that I tried mapping out:

Japan 2012
Taiwan 2007
France-Spain 2007

Very easy to use, very fun to play with, but I ran into some problems where they didn’t recognize certain city names, and you had to figure out the right spelling used, or use a nearby city instead.

When you’re happy with your meshu, you can order it in different sizes and materials, for different types of accessories.

France-Spain as earrings? a necklace or cufflinks?

All in all, really cool idea! I like that it’s a little abstract and not so obvious, yet still personally meaningful and will bring back great memories about past trips. Head on over to Meshu to check it out!

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