Suit Up Your Suitcase with SuitSuit

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We’ll take a short break from trip posts to look at other inspirations…

So, boring black bags going around the carousel; standing there wondering if any of them are your bag; reaching forward and picking one up to realize the lock’s not quite right or the handle’s different, and putting it back down with feigned nonchalance, been there done that!

Bag tags are one way of getting around it, buying a neon suitcase is another, but if you’re not looking to change your suitcase any time soon, a SuitSuit suitcase cover just might be a practical solution for you.

Look at the cool designs! No one’s going to mistake your bag for theirs. Whether they decide they want to steal it however, is a whole other kettle of fish!

Retro wooden suitcase? pix from


how about a nice globetrotting one with stamps? pix from

the boombox is pretty damn cool. pix from

I like the exclusive SuitSuit for KLM, you can order yours at the KLM store

Check out SuitSuit for more designs… it’s not too expensive and seems like quite a good buy! I’m definitely considering it…

What do you Occasional Travellers think about the SuitSuit? Something for The Occasional Traveller Shop perhaps?

(what is up with these names? do you guys remember the bookbook, a cover for mac laptops/ipads/iphones?)

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