The Occasional Traveller turns Two! And other August updates

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First things first:


I really do love being Singaporean, even if many people out there in the world still can’t find it on a map. While I often yearn to leave it and travel, it’s also where I’ll always call home! Safe from natural disasters, a passport that gets you most places, an abundance of culture packed in a tiny island… it’s not without its problems but after some of my travels, I think I’ve come to appreciate Singapore that much more.

And to all Singaporeans, welcome home!

Coincidentally, our nation’s birthday is also the same day that The Occasional Traveller was launched in 2010! I forgot all about it last year, but it was on this day 2 years ago that I posted the very first blog post on The Occasional Traveller… ever: A trip recap of my Moalboal dive trip. Since then, 286 posts have been published, a combination of trip recaps, travel inspirations and other interesting bits and bobs, and I look forward to The Occasional Traveller continuing to grow and evolve =)


So in honour of this special occasion, here are a couple of things and updates:


@hellofrmsg tumblr page intro

Check out @hellofrmsg on twitter. It’s an interesting rotation-curation project where a different Singaporean is given the reins to the @hellofrmsg account and is free to talk about anything and everything Singaporean! It started out in July 2012, and since then we’ve had quite a varied group, from journalist @eisen talking about the history of Singapore’s roads, to @POZboySG discussing HIV and sex ed in Singapore.

I’m pleased to say that lil ol’ me @jac_theocctrav will be taking a week from 25 Nov – 1 Dec on @hellofrmsg! I haven’t quite thought about any major topics of discussion, though probably it’ll be along the lines of travelling (duh) and the uniquely Singaporeaness of some of our travelling ways. Follow @hellofrmsg or check out the tumblr for more.


TOTshop @ Public Garden

Also, TOTshop has been kinda quiet of late, but guess what, you can check out the shop at Public Garden on 19 Aug! Besides the usual exciting stuff you can get from TOTshop (at discounts I might add! I’m looking to clear stuff out…), you’ll also have first dibs at the things I brought back from Japan! I’ll only be uploading them on TOTshop after the flea market, but here’s a sneak preview:

Pretty Furoshiki you can use to wrap anything

Cute luggage-shaped notebooks

Here's a slightly smaller luggage-shaped book cover complete with key bookmark, also available in the three colours

The ABSOLUTE CUTEST leather pouches

And an interesting wooden brooch cum notepad

I'll only be there on 19th...


Ohayo Osaka! Japan Recaps

Have you checked out the Japan trip recaps yet? So far I have a post-trip recap done, along with posts on Nara and Arashiyama. Look out for more posts coming up!

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