Gaudi Gazing on Take Me To Travel

I was recently on Take Me To Travel as a featured blogger! Check it out:


Take Me To Travel is a pretty interesting site – I honestly had not heard of them before they approached me, but I do love the variety of bloggers, articles and stories that they have on their site, so I was quite happy to contribute an article of my own.

Trying to decide what to write was a bit of a challenge – I’d already covered most of my recent trips on my own blog and on the other places I contribute to, what could I write about? I did realize that I still had a whole bunch of journals from my earlier trips in physical form, still yet untapped that I could draw from.

I got to thinking about Barcelona and Gaudi, and ended up digging through my archives and unearthed photos that I haven’t looked at in awhile. Oh Barcelona, place where I nearly got robbed (has that story been told here? perhaps for another post!), but beautiful city with great architecture.

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