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When you’re in a new city and you don’t have a lot of time to spend there, what is the quickest way to get a snapshot of it?

Up at N Seoul Tower | 2011

My usual solution is to go up the tallest building/point and take a good look around. I love city skyline views (I’m sure you can tell from these)! I especially love how different city skylines have their own character, and I love them whether it’s a clear bright day where you can see for miles, a romantic sunset to daydream to, or the twinkling lights of the night skyline.

What’s interesting about these very tall buildings that not only are they usually a major part of that city’s skyline, they also represent the character of the city. What is Paris without its Eiffel Tower, even if people hated it early on? New York never will quite be the same as it was without the Twin Towers, and the Singapore skyline has definitely been redefined since the launch of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.

I suppose the dilemma (for me at least) is that if you’re up the tower, it means that you can’t see the tower itself, so besides visiting the tower, you need to find another spot which has a nice view of the tower so you can take pictures of that~

All that aside, I was invited a little while back for a media briefing to find out more about sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck:

sky100 is an observation deck located on the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper, the famous ICC in West Kowloon. Opened in 2010, it offers an unobstructed 360* panoramic view of the Hong Kong skyline. Even HK native and MD of sky100 Josephine Lam, whom I had the pleasure of speaking to personally, said she was quite blown away by the view the first time she saw it, because let’s face it – there’s hardly any time for you to enjoy the view when you’re surrounded by buildings so close to you.

It’s got the usual perks that a super tall structure has to offer – a fancy lift that takes you up 100 floors in 60 seconds, souvenir shops and photobooths in the sky (these photobooths make use of Augemented Reality, very cute), but sky100 pitches itself as an entire destination that you could spend all day in – if you can afford it! – the Ritz Carlton is located on the floors above sky100 (and what a view that must be!), and while the bulk of ICC is made up of offices, there’s also a Luxury Shopping Mall called Elements, fine dining options up in the sky on the 101st floor, and several HK culture and historical multimedia exhibits in the lower levels to satisfy the tourist in you.

Now Hong Kong is a place I’ve always been ambivalent about – I last visited on a short trip with friends back in 2009, and while the food was great, I found it overall rather grey and claustrophobic with buildings packed together even tighter than they are in Singapore. Probably didn’t help that we were staying in a somewhat dodgy hostel (we were poor then – hotels in HK are not cheap!), and definitely didn’t help that there was pollution and the weather was not great – we made our way to the Peak, but it was pretty misty and overcast so I never did get to see very much of the Hong Kong Skyline.

sky100 offers you 4 different faces of the city, depending on where you’re facing:


Can you imagine holding an event there? It must be pretty damn awesome! To date they’ve held lots of chi-chi events from gala dinners and corporate functions, and even singer Coco Lee’s wedding was held there!

All pictures provided courtesy of sky100 Hong Kong. I was invited to the Singapore press briefing for sky100 – we were also given a pair of tix to visit sky100, so hopefully I can visit Hong Kong sometime to see if going up sky100 will change my mind about the city!

From the press release…

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
Developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is located on the 100th floor of ICC, the tallest building in Hong Kong. At 393 metres above sea level, it is the only observation deck in Hong Kong that offers 360° views of the territory and its famous Victoria Harbour. It has a high-speed double-deck elevator that takes visitors to the 100/F in just 60 seconds.  Covering an area of 30,000 square feet, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck features various multi-media exhibits that introduce Hong Kong’s tourist attractions. As the city’s newest must-visit attraction, it is also the preferred venue for a wide variety of cultural, art and entertainment events.

Visit their website here:

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