My Perfect Plane

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So Skyscanner released an article not too long ago about what the perfect aircraft would have:

Ultimate aircraft infographic from Skyscanner

Ultimate aircraft Infographic – brought to you by cheap flight specialists,

Now here’s what I really want in my ideal plane (stuff beyond what’s already available in first/business class)

– Soundproof Children + Toddlers Zone – because nothing is worse than being stuck on a plane with endless crying and bawling. Parents who do nothing but sigh and shrug should be relegated to this area too (sorry parents who actually try!)

– Anti-kick + anti-pull chairs – you know those idiots who use the back of your seat rest to pull themselves out of their own chairs, and then let go of the seat rest suddenly so your head ricochets up? I ABHOR.

– Larger windows – why are the current ones so small? So difficult to see outside~ it’ll be nice if they could be tinted so you don’t have to pull the shades just to keep the light out.

– I would welcome the Capsule style bedrooms, and wonder if it’s possible to stack them up like Japanese capsule hotels? Maybe usage can be regulated like vending machines – by tokens for a fixed set of hours only

– A water dispenser at each row – because getting up or waiting to catch the attention of a busy stewardess is such a pain~

– Free wifi – yes I would like to check my facebook and blog on the go! Some planes have it now, but for a fee…

– My own armrests so I don’t have to share, but still enough space for me to sit comfortably!

– Individual temperature adjustment – perhaps the ability to have heated chairs or turn up the aircon if you like? I always get so cold on planes though


What would you like on your perfect plane?

Stats and infographic via Skyscanner

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