Bangkok Blowout: My Favourite Thai Designers

What makes shopping in Bangkok a little different from that of the awesomeness in Seoul and Taipei is my familiarity with some of their local designers – I’ve been to Bangkok 3 times, and already I’ve developed some favourite local designers that I always end up buying things from whenever I pop into their shop.

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies!

So the latest designer fashion in Bangkok is a fruity obsession:

Giving my best Smize
Seriously look how well it blends in with the fruit bowl

Ok I kid, Bangkok’s designers are more creative than that, and have totally caused my shoe cabinet to balloon. Check it out:


Madame Flamingo by Pantila

from Madame Flamingo wordpress.. my first pair

I first saw her shoes in Victoria Jomo in Haji Lane and bought this lovely pair of shoes. I had soooo much trouble trying to decide on just one colour, and this shoe turned out to be a real workhorse – it was so comfortable and I wore it all the time because it straddled work and casual-wear equally well. It lasted me quite a long time, only finally breaking down end 2011 where I got a similar pair remade in Hoi An, but it’s never quite been the same as this one!

Madame Flamingo style is lovely, bright and colourful, and while not super-cheap like some Bangkok shoes can be (you’re looking at about 2000-3000 baht for new season stuff), the quality is good, and her shoes are always eye-catching and will garner compliments or comments.

10cm heels!

My recent purchase is my highest shoe to date, making me 10cm/4 inches taller when I wear it, and honestly it’s quite hard to miss!

They used to have an outlet in Suan Lum, but since the bazaar has closed you can now visit them at their much bigger looking store at Thonglor. Or look out for them in the shoe sections of Central World (Level 1) and Siam Paragon.

 Thonglor: 323/2 Thonglor Road, Wattana, Bangkok 1010 (Between soi17 & 19 Opposite Benz Thonglor)

Check out their facebook here!



Cute houndstoothed heels!
Goodies under my work desk =P

I chanced upon it quite by accident when in Suan Lum Night Bazaar – me and P just made a beeline into the store upon seeing the cool striped shoes! We didn’t even bother looking at the clothes then and ended up with 3 pairs of shoes between us.

This time around, we found them again at the new Terminal 21 (Level Tokyo) – oddly enough the store sign says GCB, and not Geraffee, but their shoes were just so lovely I had to go in, and to my delight it turned out to be an old favourite! We found them again at Section 3 in Chaktuchak, a narrower shop but had a wider range of shoes. This time around I came away with just 2 pairs – this hip Swing-inspired flats (and now my new go-to flats) as well as this Houndstooth Heels. I was tempted to buy more, but managed to restrain myself.

Swing Inspired Black and White Flats, now my go-to shoe
Yay I love new shoes!

Their style is simple, clean and hip – it seems that Black&White are common inspirations, but their coloured stuff is also quite pretty. What’s also great is that for a local designer, the shoes here are very affordable, going at 990baht (about S$40) for good quality shoes. AWESOME.

 JJ Weekend Market : section 3 soi1 room no.015
Terminal 21 : room no.1085 ,1st floor- tokyo

Check out their facebook here


Other interesting brands that caught my eye

Mosstories had a fabulous pair of Postman wedges that were SO comfortable, but they were a tad pricey so I didn’t buy them. Slightly regretful now, but I really, really have too many pairs of shoes. You can find them at Terminal 21 (Paris level) and Siam Square and Central World Zen.

Mary Lou had really cute accessories! The animals curled around your finger adn the cupcakes were adorable. Check them out at Terminal 21 or Chaktuchak.

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