The Occasional Traveller Shop: Singapore Blog Awards 2012 ST701 Best Blogshop Finalist

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I’m back from Bangkok! Ok folks, you should probably know by now that I’m one of the top 10 finalists in the ST701 Best Blogshop Category for the Singapore Blog Awards!

Truth be told, I was hoping to make it to the Best Travel Blog category, but hey I think there’s some way to go for me to be a good (and consistent!) travel blogger, so I’m still glad that the Shop has been recognised =)

What makes The Occasional Traveller Shop special is that it is NOT yet another female clothing blogshop. There are tons out of them, and many (like my fellow finalists) are pretty nice and have strong followings (because who doesn’t love a good blogshop for affordable clothing? I do!), but TOTshop is awesome because its proposition is a little different – a specially curated selection of travel-inspired and travel-related goods for anyone with wanderlust, items that you can’t find easily in Singapore or overseas.

TOT is also unusual in that it’s not a pure ‘blogshop’ – I’ll admit that the beginnings of TOTshop was in part to fuel my own shopping impulses, but the site also ties into my own travel journals, experiences and inspirations, which in turn influences the collection within the shop. I hope that these stories along with the shop’s products, will help inspire other occasional travellers like myself to get off your butts and start travelling!

So some shameless pimping: vote for me! Voting makes up 30% of the final result, and while I lack the legions of the female shopping cohort, I sincerely hope that if you think I have a unique proposition, you’ll consider voting for me instead.

And also, because it’s a cause for celebration, here’s a special deal for anyone who makes the effort!

  1. Vote for me here. You’ll need to have an omy account to do so… It also won’t hurt for you to Like or Retweet!
  2. Take a screenshot of your vote for me
  3. Tell me about it:
  • Drop me a link to the screenshot picture when you place your order via ‘additional instructions’ paypal order through the bigcartel site, or
  • Attach it when you email me at theoccasionaltraveller [at] gmail [dot] com

For all that work, you’ll get FREE LOCAL/OVERSEAS SHIPPING! It’s a one time offer, and mostly to thank you for taking the timing to sign up for an omy account just to vote for me =)

More later on about, one great thing is that the 10 finalists each get S$1000 worth of ad banner space on ST701, and I’m going to explore and expound a little more into how this will help out TOTshop in terms of promotion, stay tuned!

p/s: if you haven’t seen my slightly embarrassing video yet… check it out here. I appear only towards the end of the video, probably because I sound like a ditz heh

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