Buildings of the Plastique* Sydney Skyline Necklace

3rd one in the series! In case you missed it, check out the Paris and London ones. And if you want to get one for yourself, check out The Occasional Traveller Shop!

Plastique* Sydney Skyline Necklace

The Sydney one seems a little more basic – 2 landmarks stand out distinctly that mark it as a Sydney skyline, but it doesn’t seem like the smaller buildings have any particular significance, unlike that of the Paris and London ones.

The last time I was in Sydney was way back in 2004 with the family, where we flew to Melbourne and drove down to Sydney via the Great Ocean Road.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Me at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nicknamed ‘The Coathanger’ for its arch shape, this bridge is definitely an icon of the Sydney Skyline. Built back in 1932, it’s one of the largest bridges in the world and known for its BridgeClimb, where people have a chance to scale the arches all the way to the top! If I ever head back to Sydney, I would like to do that, perhaps catch the sunset or the night view of Sydney!

A more interesting event that took place fairly recently is Breakfast on the Bridge, where the bridge is closed off to all traffic, grassy turf laid across all the lanes and 6,000 lucky people are invited to picnic on the bridge. How awesome is that? While the pix look pretty crowded, the weather looked great and the view of the harbour must be quite spectacular as well. And they had cows grazing…. seriously!

(Pix of Breakfast and info from the Daily Mail UK link here)


Sydney Opera House

The distinctive sail like shape of the roof of the Sydney Opera House

Perhaps THE most recognizable Sydney landmark, the Sydney Opera House is one of the things you can’t miss when you’re at Darling Harbour. I didn’t go in this time around, merely admiring the view from across the harbour and hanging out in the shade on its steps, but you should definitely take the opportunity to take a tour when you’re there, perhaps catch a concert so you have bragging rights about attending something at the SOH!

And if you want to bring back a little memento, how about the newly launched Lego version? How cute is that!

This last picture was my wallpaper for quite awhile when I returned from my trip. It’s the clear, cloudless blue Sydney sky as we lay in the shade of the trees in the park next to the opera house.

(psst Singaporeans if you’re suddenly inspired to head to Sydney, the new budget airline Scoot has some pretty reasonable fares for June! I’m tempted but I’m headed up to Bangkok for a quick shopping trip instead, whee~)

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