Names Across Nations

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Names Across Nations is probably quite unlike most of the travel blogs I’ve featured here that inspire me. It’s fascinating as its author Nell is on a journey around the world to study unique naming practices in different countries.

How awesome is that? The study of names is actually quite an intriguing subject, and the bonus is you also get to check out Nell’s travel experiences too as she completes her fellowship. I love her very personal take and contemplation on the countries she visits and her discovery of the unusual naming cultures each place holds.

Right now she’s in Zambia where both English and African names abound, and babies are named after ‘happenings’, but she’s been all over the world, from Berlin to Bali, Jaipur to Copenhagen. I’m just following her blog closely to see what else she uncovers in her journeys.

How were you named? How would you have been named in another country and culture?

Check out her stories at Names Across Nations.

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