My Love for Taiwan Hot Springs – Part 2

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If you’d seen my Go! Girl Guides article about Hot Spring bathing tips, you know that I’m particularly fond of this little luxury. This post has been a long time in coming, following up to Part 1 where I showcased my hot spring experience in Beitou (Taipei), Rui Sui and Lyudao.  This next post focuses on my further hot spring encounters when we headed down to Taitung as well as Kenting.


Taitung – Lu Ye

The whole Taitung portion of the trip was pretty unexpected overall. We hadn’t made any plans before then and only booked our accommodation in Lu Ye at the recommendation of our guesthouse owner in Lyudao. It turned out to be one of the most interesting bits of the entire trip though, when our guide treated us to a whole range of activities, from making Lei Cha and catching crabs in the river, to paragliding over tea plantations for a bird’s eye view of the area.

In addition, we were also introduced to this secret local hangout – a hot spring bathing area along the river that was dug out and created by the locals which is definitely not on any guidebook! It was pretty dark out and we only had the light of torches to see by, picking our way along the pebbly river bank until we reached the river.

Unlike your usual hot spring baths, the temperature of the water is caused by the mixing of the boiling spring water and the cool river waters, so you had to continuously wave your arms in the water to get the optimal temperature for yourself!

Our guide also brought along a couple of eggs and cooked them in a boiling hot nook for us… yum!

After we were done, we just switched off the torches and changed in the dark of night, before our guide navigated us skillfully back to the guesthouse.


Ping Tung – Che Cheng

Sorry for the rather blurry pix! We stayed in a Hot Spring Hotel in Checheng, Ping Tung recommended by our lady guide (there’s a great story about how we met her really serendipitously and she ended up taking us around Kenting). It’s called Qing Quan ??????? (check out their website here), and is pretty famous for both its location over the Si Zhong spring ???, and that some Japanese Emperor once frequented the place.

It’s a pretty nice hotel, you have use of the internal hot spring facilities till 11pm and the attached bathroom in the rooms comes with your own personal hot spring bath. The hot springs within the hotel were pretty nice, 4 outdoor pools of varying temperatures with nice rock garden features. The only problem about the outdoors in the evening… flying cockroaches!

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to spend in the hot springs because we had a long day out in Kenting and its closing time, but it was pretty nice overall! Think the hot spring hotel may not be the most convenient though, as it’s not particularly near any town centre, and we had to take a car to grab the Kenting Express bus to Kaohsiung train station.

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