Mapping the Void of Jerry Gretzinger

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So I was poking around Hejorama and came across this video which is just truly mind boggling.

Jerry Gretzinger: Mapping the Void from gregory whitmore on Vimeo.

Imagine creating a world in your head, so detailed and wide, and then mapping out that place into a giant world map of sorts?

You’d probably appreciate this if you’d ever admired Tolkien for creating the Lord of the Rings universe, so detailed and splendid that he even made his own languages! Jerry Gretzinger created his world by doodling a single map one day in 1963 (!!) on a piece of paper and never stopping, and he keeps meticulous records of the various countries and their populations in excel sheets!

What is so fascinating is the card system he created for his map to evolve. It doesn’t just continue to spread outwards and get bigger, but instead different portions get reinvented depending on the card he draws, and the old bits of the map get archived, so like the real world, the maps continue to grow with their population.

And hey what do you know, besides being an excel sheet King, Jerry has a blog which captures his map and the behind-the-scenes thoughts into its creation! You can join in the map growing fun as well as help fund Jerry’s mapmaking adventures by buying portions of the map that you like, and collecting its surrounding bits and those that evolve, link to his store page here.

Even better news, Jerry’s found somewhere to host his map in its entirety in October 2012, hooray! Go Jerry I hope your map continues to grow and evolve some more!

via Hejorama


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