A Story For Tomorrow

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What a busy weekend it has been! Thank you one and all who showed up at Public Garden and Zouk Flea & Easy… it was great meeting all of you! I think it’s awesome being able to put a face to people who’ve been reading my blog =)

I took a day off on Monday to rest and unpack from the markets, so hopefully we’re back to regular blogging schedule, and I swear I will get all those Vietnam posts done before I head off to Cebu in April!

But meanwhile…


I saw this video of Lauren’s Double Takes blog, and it really did make me do a double take!

5 weeks on the road in Chile and Patagonia with his girlfriend, Dan Riordan of Gnarly Bay Productions puts up this incredible, beautiful video post-trip. Talk about inspiring wanderlust, this is one video you want to see in HD, with the beautiful scenery and colours!

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

I do wonder though, if all that filming takes away from the actual travelling when you’re there? The end product is a fantastic keepsake and definitely beats plain ol’ photography, but I’ve done a little filming myself and it is not easy to get all the shots you need without a lot of planning and effort during the process, so hats off to Dan for all his hard work because even with all that, it sure looked like he and his girlfriend had a blast =)

(I kinda love how ‘movie trailerish’ the voice over and imagery is, especially at the beginning!)

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