Travelling The World With Just 1 Garment

Whether you’re backpacking or you want to save some space for shopping, having multi-tasking apparel is always a plus point as a space saver or when you’re out all day.

What are your favourite multi-tasking items? I usually carry:

  1. A long thin scarf that protects from sudden blasts of aircon or a quick shelter from blazing heat
  2. A thin towel that doubles as a blanket in chilly coaches, or if the bath towels look a little grotty. Also great for a makeshift pillow!
  3. Windbreaker – waterproof and cozy for wet days but not overly warm in humid climates

So imagine if you had 1 garment which can transform into 15 different items, from tops to bottoms, and even a bag!

Meet the Versalette, designed by two travellers, it had a pretty successful Kickstarter campaign and looks to debut in March 2012. It’s not just about convenient and cool outfits (the Versalette is the first item, they plan to roll out more sustainable and multifunctional clothing), but sustainable clothing to save the environment, check out the Revolutionary Apparel website for more!

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